Crimson Executioner

Visionary Crimson Executioner
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 The Crimson Executioner harnesses the power of the Green Gargoyle's cover stock and inserts a totally new core. By combining a medium differential with a low RG, this core allows the ball to rev easier and recover sooner from longer oil or carry down, while still getting through the heads cleanly. When the Green Gargoyle isn't quite turning the corner soon enough, this ball is what you need. The reaction is in between the Green and Granite Gargoyles (closer to the Green). It clears the heads easily like the Green. It's breakpoint is sooner than the Green but not as early as the Granite. It packs the hit and powerful drive along with the predictable reaction of the Gargoyles; but with a more dynamic - high performance core, it offers greater drilling versatility. Great on everything but heavy oil.

This ball features another core from Visionary. This time it's a low RG core with built in mass bias by taking the bottom neck and shifting it at a 30 degree angle from being opposite the top neck. The mass bias can be ignored and drilled like a standard two piece with great results, or the angled neck can be treated like any mass bias for exotic drillings. The angled neck is located on a line from the Pin through the CG at a distance 11-1/4" from the pin past the CG.

Factory Finish
1500 Polished
Executioner Pearl Coverstock
Pearl Reactive
Executioner Core
Core Type
16 pounds
15 pounds
14 pounds
13 pounds
12 pounds

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