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Name # of Balls Notes Owner
Bus 6 Abbe16
arsenal 5 Colossus11
My Bowling Balls 5 Mostly ebonite and hammer bowling balls. Looking to branch into Storm brand for a good benchmark ball. Navig8or
Current 3 Durzo
Olivia 6 joshiieboi
League Nights 4 mdb
No thumb delivery 3 cnelso43
League Backhand 3 xabtn
League 3-Ball MAIN 3 xabtn
My Arsenal 8 Aramsey
Taken to Ohio 3 TimBowler5903
Tournament Bag 8 freshlybakedfingerolls
Totally not overkill League setup 3 I kinda think I need to buy something symmetrical. BUT WHY DO THEY MAKE ASYMS SO COOL!!! Kovah
Personal Arsenal 7 Eli
All I have 11 Nathan Rasnic
WIP 5 Leonsdrago619
Current Aresenal what to add for high speed bowler 0 I play a bit more down and in. A lot of ball speed so I need something that will finish. My typical ball speed is around 15-17 mph. Currently I have a DV8 Instigator and Motive Pride. I saw the most success when I had my Brunswick Danger Zone back in the day. Any thoughts on what to add? My house shot tends to be more medium to heavy oil. vinnymac
Tyler Butler's Arsenal 4 Arsenal Notes:
I would really recommend a asymmetric piece to his arsenal, if they still made the UFO or Crux Prime I would recommend said equipment. An Incite and a RST-X piece would also be a good option.
I now would recommend a solid piece like a proton or gem
Elijah's Arsenal 4 Arsenal Notes: Recommend a Asymmetric ball much like a Gem or a Proton Physix Eli
1 6 druffns
Alec's Arsenal 4 Arsenal Notes:
Recommend a symmetrical Pearl and or Hybrid, also a asymmetric like an Incite or Reality
David 4 DeX__10
Hannah 1 DeX__10
Current 5 oakis