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Name # of Balls Notes Owner
Current Bag (May 2023) 3 bctribbet
MDC 12 jhutch300
3-ball 3 oakis
6-ball 6 oakis
Nationals 6 jhutch300
Asymmetrical Specific 5 Undertaker
2023 Nationals 6 mc032676
Nationals 2023 Reno 8
Bag 1 5 TotalNV
League Night 5 Everything Plank
Nighthawk Bowling League Arsenal 6 NighthawkBowling
Thursday Night League Bag 4 Ashley Lanes league arsenal on a THS Scrunders
Swedish Youth Tour Helsingborg 6 Oil Pattern:
Swedish Youth Tour 2023 Mora 5 Oil Pattern:

I have one more ball but I have sold it. It was the Method Solid from Brunswick
Symmetrical Specific 4 Undertaker
Current arsenal 13 Jarda Zapletal
Steve's 15lbs 14 stevelinnea2000
Lilburm 7 jfpoff
Greater Ozark Open 8 ml7gent
All 18 andrewc1031
New Bag 9 TotalNV
9 ball arsenal 9 if a 9 ball arseanl this would be it Carr
Current 6 pack 6 charlesnault
40 Pattern Regional double 3 1265 on 6 games Yndzone
Tournament 10 jcaldwell006