April update: I added a tool where you can individually select and compare bowling balls. I'd love to get some feedback on the usefulness of this feature and any improvements that can be made. As always, feel free to get a hold of me any time, either through my contact form or on Facebook

February update: Since launching this site, I've really enjoyed finding and adding balls that have been retired, so that's my primary focus right now. Over on Facebook, I started featuring a ball, coverstock, and core of the week. I'm still open to suggestions/requests of things to feature and add. Feel free to get a hold of me any time, either through my contact form or on Facebook.

I created as a place to share resources with the bowling community. At launch, the biggest feature is a (growing) bowling ball database, including a tool to compare balls and to find similarly-performing balls across all brands. The idea behind this tool is to make it easier to find a currently-available ball that's similar to your all-time favorites.

Each ball in the database (where I was able to find its information) should show a table of information about similar balls. This table contains a "similarity grade" (for lack of a better name). I wrote an algorithm that calculates this grade based on all known information about this ball, while making several assumptions along the way. These grades are subject to change as the algorithm is tweaked and more information is added to the database. If you notice anything missing from the database or find any inconsistencies, feel free to send me a message. The same goes if there's an old ball that you'd like me to prioritize getting added here.

As grows, I plan to make other resources available, like online tournament software (currently used by the Midwest Scratch Bowling Series) and expanding my tournament database (see The #1 goal of this project is to connect bowlers, tournament directors, and other bowling industry professionals with resources to help our sport grow.

Competitive bowling has given me so much, and has helped me build many great relationships. Fortunately, I'm now in a position where I'm able to lend some of my time and skillset to our great sport. Get a hold of me if you have an idea (software or otherwise) that could use my help!