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Roto Grip Pure Fuel
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Roto Grip® strives to give you the Ultimate in High Performance bowling balls the Pure Fuel™ delivers a high octgane boost to your game.

We took the   Cyclotron™ core from the original Fuel and Top Fuel and modified it to deliver more power and energy at the breakpoint.  This translates into superior mid-lane reaction combined with intense backend force.

The Ultimate Grip™ Pearl Particle coverstock gives you smooth acceleration through the heads with strong mid-lane and explosive backend reaction.  The coverstock is easily adjusted with the use of scotch-brite pads and polishes.

Factory Finish
1500 Polished
Ultimate Grip Pearl Particle Coverstock
Particle/Pearl Reactive
Cyclotron II Core

The Cycloton II core is described as having a strong mass bias differential, but I was unable to find any specs. If you come across them, feel free to pass them along. Thanks! - Aaron

Core Type
16 pounds
15 pounds
14 pounds
13 pounds
12 pounds

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