Roto Grip


Everything we do at Roto Grip is done to put you in a position to dominate. We don’t create balls with the perfect balance of control and power so we can puff out our chests and pat ourselves on the back. We do it because that’s what you need to be a champion. We didn’t introduce two new game-changing rating systems because we got tired of looking at the old ones. We did it to make it easier for you to identify the arsenal that will guide you to victory. We don’t waste time bragging. We’d rather put that energy into designing equipment that will pass those bragging rights on to you.

Long story short, we make equipment that makes you your best. Because that’s not just your name up there next to your score. IT’S YOUR REPUTATION.


Roto Grip has been a leading industry innovator since it was founded in 1955 by the Yetito family. Then, Roto Grip balls were unique in that they were pre-weighted with finger-weight and side weight, then marked with a four-point star. With this configuration, you could drill right over the four-point star, and you wouldn’t have to scale the ball on a dodo scale. The most famous of these balls was the Blue Polyester Roto Grip, which was very comparable to the Columbia Yellow Dot of the late 1970s and early 1980s. For many years, Roto Grip was a highly sought after brand with a reputation of delivering high-quality, high-performance equipment.

But as technology changed in the bowling industry with the introduction of new coverstocks and unique core designs, things also began to change for Roto Grip. The manufacturers to whom Roto Grip outsourced production couldn’t keep up with the rapidly changing technology, and the brand began to dwindle. By the early 1990s, it was clear that the glory days of Roto Grip were now a thing of the past.