Blue Alien

Elite Blue Alien
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Designed to compliment the popular Green Alien, Elite has taken its technology of bowling balls to the next level. Elite is proud to introduce - The Blue Alien! The Blue Alien combines a version of our Atomic Core with a solid Solar Eclipse Coverstock featuring T.C.T. What is T.C.T.? Thermal Contact Technology allows the ball to read the proper amount of friction on the lane and in the oil pattern, eliminating the dreaded “over/under” ball reaction. The end result… more forgiveness! The new Blue Alien with its Solar Eclipse Coverstock reads the mid lane sooner then the Green Alien…giving you incredible hooking power on the heavier oil conditions. This Changes Everything! Again!

Factory Finish
Solar Eclipse featuring T.C.T. Coverstock
Solid Reactive

Thermal Contact Technology

Atomic Elite Core
Core Type
16 pounds
15 pounds
14 pounds

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