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Prepare to be blown away by the newest limited-edition release from MOTIV, the VIP ExJ Sigma!  Collaborating with Triple Crown winner EJ Tackett, this special ball features a pearl cover wrapped around EJ’s favorite core, the Sigma core. This core, handpicked by EJ himself, boasts an unparalleled compact design that delivers easy revs. Coupled with Dynamic Infusion Pearl Reactive cover stock technology, this fast revving, medium oil pearl is as versatile and dynamic as the bowler whose name it carries.

The Sigma core is one of the first core designs ever created by MOTIV bowling. This fast revving, medium differential core provides outstanding control and down lane arc with many drilling options to customize the ball motion for the bowler.  Ideally used for medium oil, stronger drillings may provide enough track flare for bowlers to use the VIP ExJ Sigma on higher volumes as well.

The Dynamic Infusion Pearl Reactive coverstock previously seen on the Sky Raptor, was slightly modified to be slightly stronger in the oil in order to create the motion EJ wanted to see from the VIP ExJ Sigma.  This tweak gives bowlers more control of their ball motion while maintaining enough angle down lane to use the VIP ExJ Sigma when a low rg pearl is the right play.

EJ's discerning eye is not to be overlooked, as he specifically requested a ball that blends beautifully on the lane.  The stunning color palette of violet, purple, and black pearl were selected for the cover along with pink and silver pearl for the NeoMark logos.  The pearl VIP ExJ Sigma makes a bold statement on and off the lanes.

When to Use

Speed Dominant Bowlers - For those whose speed overwhelms their rev rate, the VIP ExJ Sigma is a great pearl for later in the day when it’s time to start moving left.  Speed dominant players are often those bowlers who need to be in stronger balls longer than other bowlers.  For those bowlers a low rg pearl with moderate differential makes a lot of sense for late in the block or possibly a second shift league.  

Balanced Bowlers - Balanced bowlers will love the versatility of the VIP ExJ Sigma. This ball can be used as the go-to pearl in a balanced bowler’s bag.  When some help is needed through the front of the lane, but you still need some control of the lane this is the ideal ball.  

Rev Dominant Bowlers - For the Rev Dominant bowler who seems to always need a pearl cover because stronger solids just seem to start up too early, the VIP ExJ Sigma is likely the benchmark ball. Bowlers looking to build an arsenal of balls that are clean through the fronts will absolutely need the VIP ExJ Sigma to use as their benchmark ball on most moderate conditions.

Factory Finish
5000 LSS
Dynamic Infusion Pearl Coverstock
Pearl Reactive
Sigma Core
Motiv Sigma Core
Core Type
16 pounds
15 pounds
14 pounds
13 pounds
12 pounds

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