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The IDEA™ features our benchmark asymmetrical F.R.E. Response Core™ combined with our EP5 Reactive™ cover in a pearl version. The Forward Rolling Ellipses (“F.R.E.”) Response Core™ creates a very continuous and smooth motion to tame wet/dry situations and create readable ball motion for easy lane reads and cleaner games. The “EP” in our EP5 Reactive™ coverstock stands for “Early & Predictable” with a hook rating of 5 on a scale of 1 to 10; Combine a smooth motion from the weight block, a predictable cover, and a coverstock strength of 5 with a medium RG, medium differential, and semi-strong Preferred Spin Axis and you have The IDEA™ straight from BIG Bowling.

Factory Finish
1500 Polished
EP5 Coverstock
Pearl Reactive

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