Tournament Bowling

At Seismic Bowling we love bowling tournaments. It's the best measure of you as a bowler, to see how you stack up against the best players in your area, your country, or against the best players on the planet.

Seismic Bowling was formed in 2008 with one goal - To design and manufacture bowling equipment that would allow bowlers to master their ball reaction and build a better arsenal to compete on the toughest conditions in our sport today.


Truly a global company, Seismic Bowling Ltd. Head Quarters are in the United Kingdom, where most of the day to day running of the company is managed. Our bowling balls are manufactured in St Louis, MO and sold worldwide through our numerous distribution networks.

Our core competency is in bowling ball design and marketing and a lot of our time is spent developing new and innovative products to give you the competitive edge in the ever changing bowling environment.

Early Success

In Early 2009 we released our first ball, the Solaris, to exceptional international acclaim, and made its first TV Finals appearance in Sweden on the "Super Sixxxxxx Tour".

Since then we have expanded our arsenal, with each ball being thoroughly tested to ensure premium performance on its intended lane condition, the outcome of which is that our equipment has won titles globally in the hands of established and upcoming players alike.

Unique Approach

Smaller and newer bowling brands are often labelled as 'boutique' however Seismic are showing that with careful and creative thought and planning, younger brands can be innovative and produce 'Earth Moving Equipment™' as good as any in the industry.