Aggression NE Pearl


The Aggression NE pearl cover makes its way through the heads easily and has a sharp break point. Hammerheads will love the Redemption Pearl when the Redemption Solid has burned up the lane and you need a high-end ball to get down there and deliver big backend motion and devastating hitting power.

Pearl Reactive

Balls with the Hammer Aggression NE Pearl Coverstock

Ball Release Date Sort ascending Core RG Diff MB Diff US/Overseas Release Discontinued
Hammer Black Widow Real Monster Black Widow Real Monster Gas MaskAsymmetric 2.500 0.058 0.016
Hammer Red Scorpion Red Scorpion Scorpion Carbon Fiber OuterAsymmetric 2.494 0.052 0.018
Hammer Redemption Pearl Redemption Pearl RedemptionAsymmetric 2.498 0.053 0.015