Pathogen Plague Pearl

Pyramid Pathogen Plague Pearl
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Spread destruction with the Pyramid Pathogen.

Pyramid technology is the culmination of years of research, observation, core and coverstock analysis. With ever changing variables within the sport of bowling, (e.g., lane conditions, ball speed, rev rate) this technology allows any bowler, from stroker to two-handed, to achieve peak performance on medium to heavy oil conditions.

The infection is critical. Victory is imminent with the Pyramid Pathogen Plague Pearl.

The Pathogen Plague Pearl has evolved and offers another option to thrive in super-low oil conditions with the all-new GPS Navigational Pearl Urethane coverstock. This adaptation to hostile lane environments ensures that this epidemic has reached critical stages in high scores.

Factory Finish
1000 Abralon
SG 19.5 Urethane Core
Pyramid SG 19.5 Urethane Core

This is the same core as the SG 19.5 Asymmetric core, but the numbers are a little bit different with the urethane coverstock.

Core Type
16 pounds
15 pounds
MB Diff
14 pounds
13 pounds
12 pounds

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